Endorsed Republican Candidates for November 2024

Congressional Districts

Anita Chen
Congressional District 17

Peter Hernandez
Congressional District 18

Jason Anderson
Congressional District 19


State Senate Districts

Alexander Glew
State Senate District 13

Robert Howell
State Senate District 15


State Assembly Districts

Bob Brunton
State Assembly District 24

Ted Stroll
State Assembly District 25

Liz Lawler
State Assembly District 28

JW Paine
State Assembly District 29


Recommended Non-Republican Candidates

These recommendations are made by vote of the officers and at least 2/3rds of the voting members of the Republican Central Committee in races where no Republican is in the race or sought endorsement. These recommendations are based upon the Committee’s evaluation of which candidates’ views are most closely aligned with our values of promoting public safety, fiscal responsibility, parental rights, respect for the Constitution. Recommendations of non-Republicans may or may not be unsolicited recommendations.

Office Recommendation
County Board of Supervisors, District 2 DO NOT vote for Betty Duong (Cindy Chavez acolyte)
San Jose City Council, District 2 Joe Lopez
San Jose City Council, District 4 No Recommendation
San Jose City Council, District 6 Michael Mulcahy
San Jose City Council, District 8 Tam Truong
San Jose City Council, District 10 Arjun Batra